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Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Team: Alexandra Rudenko, Diana Alekseenko
Year: 2020

In 2017 the new terminal of Odesa International Aeroport was built. It was a significant renewal since the opening of the airport in 1961.
RUDA Studio was honored to create the summer terrace of the new terminal. The task was to create the 45m2 space that will correspond with the existing design of the terminal building.
The terrace contains both covered and uncovered spaces. The accent in the project became a marble bar counter, that separates them. Our decision was to cut the marble in stripes to add visual dynamics. To add freshens and bright colors we put live plants along the wall and above the tables. The furniture of the terrace combines the marble table and weaved chairs. In the evening area is illuminated by the round white light lamps outside and warm light inside.

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