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(2 pieces)
Big table D 70 x H 40
Small table D 45 x H 50
Dimensions are customizable
The tables combine the stylization of vintage art deco and the philosophy of contemporary Ukrainian design. The origin of the object begins in Western Ukraine, where 80-year-old grandfather Orestes collects straw for our products. He carefully sorts the straws by length and diameter. In our workshop, the straw goes through a staining stage, after which it is inlaid with the object itself.
The pieces are created in the ancient straw marquetry technique. Straw is a very traditional and understandable material for Ukraine. Since RUDA Studio researches folk artisans' techniques of our country of origin, we decided to bring traditional marquetry to contemporary use. Combining functionality with aesthetics, we propose to consider straw as a unique material for unique objects.
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